Our Story

MView is a family owned and operated business founded by the Cochran family. The MView founders are experienced mineral owners and skilled operatives in the oil industry that endeavor to empower and assist all Land and Mineral owners. With over 75 years of combined experience as Texas mineral owners, between its members and their associates, the Cochran family has an extensive history understanding the nuances of the Oil Patch.


In The Beginning

The Cochran family has a humble beginning in 1914 when their Grandfather Norman left his home in East Texas to make his way to West Texas, picking cotton on small farms around Snyder. Norman was drafted for the “Great War” in 1917; however, while stationed at Camp Bowie near Fort Worth, training in the “Big Guns” Division for General Pershing, Norman suffered a tragic accident which resulted in the loss of his right leg and a medical discharge from the service.

After the war, Norman found work in Lamesa, Texas as a telegrapher for the Santa Fe Railroad. On weekends, he picked cotton for the local farms, pulling a cotton tow sack with the one good leg while dragging his right wooden leg alongside. Norman was determined that he would never allow himself to be considered a “cripple.” He also refused to allow the loss of his leg to hold him back. In the late 1930s, Norman finally saved enough to purchase a small cotton farm in the hopes of achieving his part in the “American Dream.”

His life changed when oil was discovered on neighboring lands. Not immediately having any company approach him to develop his property, he sought out an attorney to seek an offer and to negotiate a lease with a company. This effort was successful at getting wells drilled, wells that would later become part of a waterflood, but at a cost of half of Norman’s royalties. Before he died in 1971, he passed along his legacy as told by his mantras, “we should not begrudge a man his profit” and “one good investment is worth a lifetime of toil”. This legacy, one of treating people fairly, of being treated fairly, and of learning to make wise investments, became the charge for his children and grandchildren and is now the basis of the business model of MView, as well as the other businesses the Cochran family have established.


The idea for MView was born out of the founders' own frustrations with the lack of transparency and information available to mineral owners in the industry. They recognized the need for a platform that provided comprehensive and up-to-date information on their mineral interests and holdings.

Over time, the founders developed a suite of tools and resources that would allow mineral owners to better understand and manage their investments. From the MPact suite of features that provides real-time updates on lease and well reports, to the MPower Community Forum that allows for knowledge sharing and discussion, MView is dedicated to empowering mineral owners.

As a family-owned and operated business, MView places a strong emphasis on building personal relationships with its clients and providing a high level of customer service. The team is committed to continually improving the platform and expanding its features to better serve the needs of mineral owners and investors.

Today, MView is a trusted resource for mineral owners and investors across the United States. The platform has continued to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the industry, but the commitment to empowering mineral owners remains at the core of everything MView does.


New Chapter

New Chapter


The Cochran family is now in its 6th generation as Texans and continues to expand the legacy of their grandfather Norman's dream. Many family members have become petroleum engineers, earning degrees from prestigious universities like Texas A&M and the University of Texas. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the oil industry have uniquely positioned them to help families make the most of their resources. With a steadfast commitment to their legacy, MView was born.

BOLD Precious Metals

Family Business


At BOLD Precious Metals has been involved in precious metals for over 30 years, inspired by the Cochran family's grandfather, an avid coin collector. He instilled in the family a deep appreciation for the beauty and historical significance of coins. As the family pursued careers in various fields such as engineering, finance, and technology, they continued to maintain their interest in precious metals as a hobby and as a means to invest in physical assets. Coin collecting became a fun and educational way to teach their children about the history of the United States and to introduce them to other cultures around the world.